Brows on FLEEK!

Ever heard the term “brows on fleek”? This has been a common phrase among the beauty industry as women (and men) all over the world began to shine a light on a very neglected feature of the face, the brows!  In the 90s, everyone was rocking the thin line eyebrows and it was all about the thinner, the better. Now, in 2018 we are seeing fuller, more defined and arched brows are stealing the show. In addition to thicker brows, we are noticing an ombre effect from a very light shadow in the beginning of the brow to gradually getting darker and more defined towards the arch and tip of the brow. This creates an ombre effect and it is being labeled as the Instagram brows! Beauty influencers everywhere are increasingly becoming more sophisticated and technical with the way they draw in their brows and it’s been tough to keep up! If you’re someone who struggles with creating symmetrical, even brows every morning, you’re not alone. Sometimes your hands just aren’t steady and you can’t count on them when you’re trying to rush out the door to work. Whether they become too arched, too dark, too bold, too thick, too thin, uneven, the list goes on, on how many different ways you can mess up your brows! And in the worst situations, you can even run out of the brow product you’re using and end up leaving the house with no brows!

There has been an innovative solution to all these issues and that is a procedure called microblading. Microblading is an a type of permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo where you use special tools to implant pigments into the skin to create a natural brow look. The trained technician will go on to create very thin hair-like lines to resemble your actual brows. The results are flawless and completely undetectable if done by a properly trained technician. The brow hairs that are drawn in are strategically placed in between existing hairs to flawlessly incorporate them into the brow and create a more defined and full looking brow. This darkens the look of your brows as well as adds volume and texture. This is a very good alternative for those who just don’t have the time or money to spend on creating even brows every morning! Some just were not blessed with thick full brows to even fill the shape of where the brow is supposed to on the face. Sparse brows can really affect how the face is shaped and how it brings to whole face together. Microblading is pretty pricey but a worthwhile investment as it lasts anywhere from 1-3 years if maintained properly. Again this is completely dependent on the person and their lifestyle. Still you would save many trips to Sephora and save some time every morning. You would literally wake up with perfect brows every morning while putting in no effort whatsoever! Many technicians even go as far as to provide other permanent makeup services such as permanent eyeliner, lip liner, lips, beauty marks, etc. There are many options to getting the perfect brows and if you don’t have the time or energy to draw them in every day this may just be the perfect solution for you!